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Causa From Lima
Causa from Lima
An incredible dish made with
potatoes, lime and cilantro

Cilantro Corn
Maiz con culantro
If you love Cilantro and corn,
you got  to try this amazing dish

Peruvian Arroz Verde
Arroz Verde
Must love cilantro for this dish....!

Peruvian Ceviche
Peruvian Ceviche
A very popular sea food dish
originating in Peru. Mostly made
with raw fish cooked in lime juice

Red Onions Salad
Red Onion Salad
Do you like onions?, do yourself
a favor and indulge in this typical
peruvian salad.

Yuca Frita
Yuca Frita
Forget french fries, MacDonalds
already ruined that idea. Try this