MarKamusic's musical vision is twofold.  First the ensemble hopes to debunk western stereotypes of South American music and culture in particular and Latin music and culture at large. By sharing the many musical gifts of these lands in its purest and rawest forms as well as blended with newer, hybrid creations of subsequent artistic, historic and musical developments, MarKamusic portrays the vast cultural wealth from these regions in a cornucopia of musical knowledge.  In the United States, profit interested groups have purposely created an aura of mysticism and mystery around the genre and its people.  Their efforts, geared to maximize its consumption and thus its profit, have misinformed North American audiences about the poise, representation, performance, accuracy and content of people and music.  Pair to their “hunger” for the exotic, North American audiences have been fooled into accepting the stereotype.  MarKamusic treats these exquisite musics with the care, respect and love for our roots found in our own ancestry.

 The group also hopes to show its listeners that America is larger than the United States: that America in fact stretches from Alaska to the tip of Tierra del Fuego. The members of MarKamusic feel that our diverse cultures tied by history and geography but separated by politics and language can most effectively be reconciled by sharing, indeed, by the merging, of our artistic expressions. MarKamusic's musicians, one Peruvian, a Guatemalan, two Puerto Ricans, an Ecuadorean  and a New Englander represent the potential of this harmonious exchange.


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