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A site with some basic Quechua grammar.  It is excellent for a first
approach to this native South American language.  The page is in
English and Spanish.
This website is owned by a very creative professional that gave us advice in the design and feel of our studio. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Feng Shui is the art and practice of enhancing the energy in our living and working environments to bring about greater health, happiness,
and more vital productivity. The roots of Feng Shui are thousands of years old, but its principles transcend time and culture.  It is not a fad. 
It has many different schools and expressions (e.g. Form School, Compass School, Black Hat Sect, Intuitive.)
This website is dedicated to the research of the relationship
between Quechua and Semitic languages.  The contents are academic yet
very illuminating particularly for those interested in the study of
how the Americas may have become populated.
This is a Great Puerto Rican Band that performs a wonderful blend
of Puerto Rican Folk, Jazz, Rock, Flamenco, Brazilian and  Latino American Music
A great site dedicted to native american Deities and Gods
This is one of the most impresive, informational and credible sources that one can find on the internet.
Based on the idea of the CIA world fact book it is a central location that allows you to compare countries
on any statistic you like. Its maker hopes to promote education and understanding about the world while
making it easy to engage with the indicators that shape global commerce, health, politics and ecology.
The facts are easily accessible and meaningful in this page. It is in sum a great tool to bring the works
of academics, public agencies and private researchers to a wider audience. All sources are cited!
This is a great link to a one of kind page about the history and
evolution of the Puertorican Cuatro and other string
instruments from Puerto Rico.


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